Master Facilitator Immersive training

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Each spring and fall we start with our Master Facilitator Immersive program. This is a high-intensity training for people with already quite some experience guiding groups and or sessions. In this training, the focus will be on mastering the 21 tools of a 21st century professional with the aim to design and facilitate your own change programs. During this highly immersive course, you will apply all of the 21 'steps' to our real-life cases. You will be supported with personal coaching and online courses. Due to COVID19 all of our courses and sessions are 100% digital and remote.

  • 25 weeks (4-8 hrs per week)

  • Weekly online interactive training

  • Work in a bi-weekly session on our real-life cases

  • Personal coaching

  • Design, Act, Reflect, Learn

  • All sessions & classes are 100% remote & digital

​Become a certified Master Change Facilitator. Build technical, organizational, behavioural psychology, creative & people centered skills to grow businesses and solve social/user needs.