The most frequent questions we receive almost all involve the implementation of new technologies and the irrevocable demand for a transition. So themes are Digital transition, Trans/crossmedia, Platform economy, Data-driven work, From products to services or Network society.

Technology stems from the words TECHNE (hardware) and LOGOS (meaning). Implementing any of these contemporary technologies will – as a trojan horse – also challenge the organizational structure and culture! Platforms, data, networks all challenge the classic stove-pipe or top-down organizational models.


For example, data does not provide better boardroom data to make better decisions, moreover, data-driven work provides intelligence at the ‘point-of- sales’ and thus empowers the system or people close to the field to make their own decisions. That changes the whole organizational design and demands in addition to ‘implementation’ of technology, the application of more ‘creativity’ also to guide teams through a phase of ‘transition’.


A key attribute for organizations is to design around ‘trust’. Data will create more transparency, networks will drive value towards the edges (vs the core), platforms will shift from content to context, products will make you tilt from competition to cooperation etc. In its essence, it demands from any organization in order to thrive, to provide employees with more autonomy as a key ingredient to unleash their full engagement and thereby responsibility.


Autonomy, trust, creativity, engagement are not elements you can ‘give’ to somebody moreover something you can grow together. This will demand to take a look at organizational structure (such as viewing your organization as team of team) but most importantly to take an active position on company culture!


How... that is where the magic lies for the coming decades. That is something you have to explore together. Skout.ed gathered entrepreneurial experts from the various fields to research through development, to learn by doing and is now ready to start sharing via a fascinating interactive approach.


Like an escape room for Board- and/or innovation teams we challenge you to enter in one of our sessions and ask yourself What would your company look like if it took the path of Uber, Booking, Google the implementation of new technologies, Intuit or some of the other unicorns?! Each of them is exemplary for a specific way of connecting contemporary technologies to strategy and ultimately Organizational Design.

In a WWXD session, you’ll choose the right channel for your team & organization. You’ll train your understanding of 21st-century business, contemporary technology, your Future readiness. We’ll give you a hell of a challenge, a team experience and an assessment of your hidden powers and pitfalls in this scenario. Still, dare to become better in what you do and where you want to go?

So the real question is; What would you do?




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