Smart cities should be about the inclusion of its citizens. To take it even one step further; Smart cities should be about the design of smart systems that adapt to their users and not the other way around. Our tours are dialogue walks discussing the subject while exploring the urban environment. This action research is not just about the ‘data’ but moreover about understanding the design principles of ‘the information’, ‘the network’ and ‘the data’.


Hence most of the network infrastructures are not visible and therefor we talks about it, look at them and thus comprehend them often metaphorically. Thus we tend to look at these topics trough the lens or mental framework of  ‘mass media’ or the logic of the ‘combustion engine’. Fro example the often repeated credo 'data is the new oil.' Yet reality is far more layered and the Stack would maybe be a more appropriate lens to choose. These walks will invite you to reframe the contemporary your urban environment. Seeing the same landscape with different eyes, will open new possibilities and understanding. 

New dates and locations for April, May and June will be announced soon!