"When the mainstream just                    isn't enough, anymore"

Getting the right things done, together

Today’s surroundings are extremely volatile, complex and ambiguous. It demands a different, very active, stance at both work and in life. Over and over again we discover that our mainstream approaches are just not enough anymore and need to be challenged by more unconventional ways. So, the question rises:  How to stand in the world as a critical- and independent thinker, with creative problem solving abilities?

At a certain level, a formal attitude and rational mindset is a must. Yet it's more and more important for (young) professionals to acquire a more holistic view of their own capacities and to get a chance to develop a more complete set of brave-new-world-ready skills.

We are passionate about how we can learn people to make their own world, rather than just pay to consume the world they make for us. By making something you also make yourself. You’ll get a more designerly way of looking at your surroundings.

Skouted develops unique learning experiences that invite you into the creative process and challenge your daily routines/frameworks, to leave the comfort zone. You our now in the space where true learning happens. The workshops we provide vary from songwriting, photography, comedy, design, storytelling etc. To guarantee the quality of the experience and the learning transfer to the workspace we have to limit the variations we can provide, yet the applications are very open-ended.

Our team goes where the experience is, since 80% of the learning is about the right setting. We don’t teach in the traditional sense of standing in front of the group with a beamer, demanding from you to download information into your head. We don't tell you what to do. It’s not about the teacher knowing things that you don’t know and you searching these self-hidden easter eggs. No. It’s much more a case of us all learning simultaneously, and sharing with each other what we discover. As mentors we  always learn as much from the people in the group as they do from us. That is a very thriving environment to be in and the essence of high performance cultures. 

Today’s professionals can instantly find any information about anything on the web. Yet, then you’ll have to answer the question: What is really going on? What do you want to do? It demands from you to really listen (not hear) or really see (not look)?! So, at Skouted we are interested in helping people become self-educating.

We encourage, support, affirm, provoke, suggest, inspire, challenge connect and facilitate. 


Fundamentally Skouted is about developing the habit of making things happen. The ability to make – to be creative – is highly sought-after in today’s world, yet so few people have had the opportunity to learn how to do it. To find their own intrinsic motivation. Learning this complex habit takes time and regular application, but it’s fun to learn, and it radically empowers people and entire teams.

Learning is about taking a risk that these activities will turn you into a different person. Hence, what’s the point of learning if you don’t change? So one of the deep questions for all of us is: what sort of person do we want to become? What do we want? And what kinds of education do we need to become more like that. Of course these are the questions we don’t only ask ourselves once. The answers change over time every time.


Therefor we design unique learning experiences that liberates us to flourish in the world. Having capacities like being self-motivated, thorough, a good communicator, able to generate one’s own ideas, etc. are important but it’s not enough. We also need to learn how to stand in the shoes of others (empathy), to gain a more holistic view on the world, finding the underlying patterns and to invent new forms of working that are better for us all. These are all things the creative capacities will contribute to: question, engage, imagine, experiment, share and connect.

Let’s go and discover, shaping our creative capacities.